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Does your web design company have a passion for online marketing? Do they know what brand elements will enhance and differentiate your business from competitors? Will you receive a website that conveys value proposition to visitors within seconds? Or, will your website fall short of its purpose and fail to attract more customers? These are things you’ll want to consider carefully. After all this is your business we are talking about. Just imagine trying to have a conversation about value proposition or brand equity with a team that’s never heard of the terms. That does not provide the comfort level one would expect for such a vital project as creating a business website. Hiring the right web design company is no simple task but hiring one with little marketing expertise can be a costly blunder.

Let’s face it; communicating value isn’t as easy as it sounds. And your website is a BIG communication tool. When a Marketing Director gets tasked with a full re-design of the company’s website, it’s a serious investment that requires a knowledgeable web design partner. Let’s use the following terms to illustrate a simple example

  • branding
  • value proposition
  • targeting
  • positioning
  • competitive advantage
  • integrated marketing communications

Does your web design agency have a strong grasp on these terms? A deep understanding of such marketing concepts is fundamental to the success of your new business website. Your business website is the most important online marketing tool your business can have. Some businesses overlook this fact and fall short of harnessing the true power of a well crafted website. While this tool can help your business succeed it can also cause serious damage to your brand if not built strategically.

It’s the blend of creativity, innovation and marketing expertise that will allow your business website to communicate, engage and convert like never before. After all where does your website live? It doesn’t live down the street or next to the 7-Eleven. You can’t find it inside a shopping mall and you certainly can’t walk up to it and take a seat while waiting for your morning coffee. Your website lives online and unless your web design agency has that foundation and marketing perspective you are missing out on an enormous opportunity to hit a home run with your new website.

An interior decorator can make your living room look gorgeous but they can’t build you the house of your dreams from the ground up. Our recommendation is simple; don’t entrust your most critical online marketing tool to a web design company that doesn’t love marketing.


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