Brand Identity Via Websites

At Isadora Agency, we inform clients every day on the importance of defining a strong brand identity, and the power a business website has to reinforce that identity and influence consumers. Your brand’s identity goes beyond just the visual. Especially on the web, your core values can come across with every click, and there are many ways to tailor your offerings so that they feel personalized for each visitor. Engaging your users as participants, not merely consumers, means getting them involved through meaningful interaction.

In our short video on incorporating a strong brand identity into your website, we cover a few key topics that will help your brand stay ahead of the curve and exceeding customers’ expectations every step of the way.


In this video:

  1. It’s essential to incorporate a strong brand identity into your business website to engage and connect with your target audience. Brand identity should encompasses your entire online presence. Below are some key areas to consider:
  2. Visitors can encounter your brand in many ways, so make a strong first impression, no matter the medium.
    Get to know your customers and make your website memorable. This will distinguish your brand from all others and keep the focus on your company.
  3. Customize the website experience when appropriate – use geolocation to serve up personalized content and engage your users online
  4. Don’t forget the details – branded accents such as handcrafted illustrations, icon work or interactive features help form your brand’s image in consumers’ minds.
  5. And most importantly, make an emotional connection – whether it’s by sharing your company philosophy or terrific copywriting, you always want to create a stronger link between your brand and your legions of customers.
  6. So, why spend the extra effort to do all of this comprehensive work? Because strong brands influence consumer behavior and induce loyalty! And the power of your brand lies in what consumers have seen, learned and feel about your brand.


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