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Standing out from the crowd starts with understanding your customers. Our approach to audience research leads to exceptional strategy and measurable results, helping you win the brand loyalty you want.

UX Research & Strategy
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UX Research & Strategy
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Our approach to audience research leads to exceptional strategy and measurable results, helping you win the brand loyalty you want.
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We’re curious to uncover the connections between you and your audiences. We look for the sweet spot – where a brand can stand out from the crowd and align with the hearts of audiences. We rely on competitive benchmarking, analytics, user interviews, and testing with real audiences to gather insights quickly. By doing so, we create a strong foundation that enables us to design for success. But it doesn’t stop there, we continually test to learn new behaviors and experiment with incremental changes to drive measurable results.

Big things have small beginnings

By constantly employing user research, we can track the ROI of UX to see where our ideas and iterations are working, and where we need to improve


Visit-to-lead conversions can be 400% higher on sites with a “superior user experience”.

Build your audience authentically

We assess your brand’s current positioning and how the brand is perceived in the marketplace.

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Our Expertise

01 Audience Research

We gather and analyze information about your potential customers and the marketplace in order to make informed UX and design decisions. This involves studying the behavior, preferences, and needs of consumers, as well as analyzing trends and competition in the market.

02 Competitive Benchmarking

We’ll compare your website or digital product with competitors to identify areas where improvements can be made. From this benchmarking we gain insights, set goals, and make informed decisions, reveal best practices, stay competitive, and evolve beyond the status quo.

03 User Testing

Through user testing we observe and gather feedback from current users or individuals  representing the intended audience of your website or digital product. This helps our design team identify issues or areas for improvement throughout the design process and before your product or service is launched to the public.

04 Analytics Auditing

We’ll review analytics, set up and optimize the dashboard to ensure accuracy and completeness. Analytics can inform our approach to your site’s information architecture, navigation, content strategy, and calls to action.

05 Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping helps our team and yours to visualize the user’s current experience with your product from start to finish. It helps to identify pain points and outliers, as well as opportunities for improvement. From there, we develop the optimal flow through your digital experience.

06 Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the organization and structure of your website or product. We rely on user interviews, analytics, and UX methods like card sorting to establish user friendly navigation, sensibly grouped content, and familiar nomenclatures. Not to mention, we’ll ensure every page on your website  — or screen in your digital product — has a purpose with relevant content and a clear business objective.

07 User Research

User research is a significant part of our process and the best way to ensure a user centered website or product. Along with user interviews, focus groups, and card sorting; we test designs in moderated sessions with real users at both the wireframe and hi-fidelity design phase. 

08 Stakeholder & Design Thinking Workshops

Stakeholder & Design Thinking Workshops are collaborative sessions where our clients and designers work together to solve problems and generate ideas. They help to ensure that all perspectives are considered and that our solutions are feasible and effective. Workshops help to align our respective teams around shared vision of project success.


We partner with brands we believe in. Our clients stay with us because we bring joy to the project process.

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Isadora Agency creates warmth and personality with their approach to design. Their creative touch is impressive and of high-quality. They not only design to the highest of quality but bring empathy to human-computer interaction. The team is receptive to feedback and collaborating with us, becoming more flexible to accomplish our needs. I'd recommend them to any organization looking for an active partner to their design challenges.

Chris Choi
User Experience Manager, Kelly Blue Book

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Brookfield Residential

Leading home builder and land developer Brookfield Residential partnered with Isadora Agency for ongoing user experience design to enhance the brand's website and marketing tools. In addition to an improved user experience design, we created new visuals to display their beautiful communities.

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A Modernized Roadmap
to Car-Buying

Kelley Blue Book

A household name since 1918, Kelley Blue Book, needed to attract modern customers and younger audiences. KBB was looking for a fresh new experience that targets a generation of savvy, online car shoppers while remaining approachable to legacy users.

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