iPad Website Design

iPad website design

These days the best website designers know that iPad website design must always be a consideration. With the introduction of the iPad mini, the stage is set for us to witness explosive growth in the mini tablet market. Accordingly, iPad website design has never been more popular. Apple was a little behind when it came to entering this market as the late Steve Jobs was adamant (at least in public) that a 10-inch tablet was the ideal size. Amazon, Google, and Samsung had ideas of their own and provided strong alternatives. Clearly, there was a market for a smaller tablet and Apple quickly changed its tune. What this simply means is that more consumers are purchasing tablets for more of their internet browsing. There are currently over 61 million iPad users in the US alone and that number is expected to grow by 22% this year (eMarketer – iPad users).

More iPads and tablets also mean more tablet traffic. The iPad mini will help Apple continue with its dominance of tablet website traffic. Onswipe (a tablet publishing and ad provider) recently found that a whopping 98% of tablet website traffic came via an iPad (eMarketer – US tablet web traffic). Tablets will continue to impact how we consume and create data. But it also means more of your customers will be viewing your business website on a tablet. So make sure your new business website is up for the challenge and looks good on any tablet. Is your business website optimized for iPad?

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