Web Design Photography

Photo of a modern white bathroom with text over it.

The power of photography is proved once again in web design. We have selected the following sites because their use of photography will make you stop and pay attention.


What we love: The bold colors and large geometric shapes overlapped with lively photography.


Modern house design

What we love: The memorable angles reflecting the brand logo and reinforcing architectural design elements throughout the site. Visit this site.


Dalai Lama Photo

What we love: Of course if you are a supplier of stock images with an archive of over 80 million images you’ve got tons of material to play with. But the way this interactive site communicates “endless possibilities” is mind blowing. Visit this site.


An article in Spanish

What we love: As you see the smooth way in which beautiful photographs are revealed, you can’t help but keep scrolling! Visit this site.


A picture of the fields in the mountains

What we love: The photographs on this stunning site truly complete the experience. Clicking through the site, you will feel transported to vineyards from around the globe! Visit this site.


Detailed picture of the headphones

What we love: These headphones seem to pop out of your screen! The product is the central theme of the site and the photography makes this clear. You can even interact with the images and build your dream headphones. Visit this site.


Virco yellow chair

What we love: The oversized product photography and type make this site vibrate with energy!  Visit this site.


Perfume in body shaped flasks

What we love: the 3D effect created by the detailed product photography overlapping the text! Visit this site.


ice with mint and lemon

What we love: The ice and the fresh ingredients…the photography on the website for this soft drink will make you thirsty! Visit this site.


Hikers with backpacks on the mountain background

What we love: This site uses photography in so many different ways, from a large background to the smallest details. The photographs never become distracting- instead they emphasize the main message.

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