Popcornopolis – Before and After

A Transformation Focused on Flavor, Quality, and Community

Isadora Agency guided Popcornopolis, a leading consumer packaged goods brand, through a transformation and update of its eCommerce and web strategy. Prioritizing the user experience with a strong visual hierarchy and a restructured shopping flow made this transformation one that better represented Popcornopolis’s fun, colorful brand, and products while increasing website sales.

The following are selected highlights and results from this flavor-filled partnership. 

Showcasing an Everyday Indulgence 

Isadora Agency took the Popcornopolis homepage from sparse to stylish with a transformation that focused on youthful branding and swapped out a text-heavy design for a visuals-driven one. 

  • Before: The original homepage was overly technical- and sterile-looking, drawing comparisons to a wholesale site.
  • After: The new homepage is representative of Popcornopolis’ brand and product quality. Its strong visuals not only showcase the quality of the products and ingredients—they are also engaging enough to consistently and successfully drive clicks to product detail pages (PDPs).  
  • The inclusion of a social section featuring real customer feedback and experiences fosters a sense of authenticity and community. That effect is strengthened by a prominent 100% satisfaction guarantee and series of high ratings—all of which builds trust in the brand, and encourages customer interaction and engagement. 

A Story-Driven, Flavor-First Strategy 

Our team improved the user experience of the ability to shop by flavor—a section of the Shop menu that groups items according to customer tastes. Optimizing the visual hierarchy and emphasizing the breadth of Popcornopolis’s products made shopping by flavor or product type an easy-to-navigate and personalized experience—one that improved sales significantly. 

Popcornopolis site flavor pages
A flavor-first and story-driven eCommerce strategy led to a nearly-doubled rate in average order value.
  • Before: Customers knew their flavor preferences, but the old website made promoting the different flavors difficult. 
  • After: Customers can now navigate the menu by flavor, type, or collection, making their browsing experience more efficient and customized.
  • The improved shopping journey highlights the quality of ingredients and diversity of flavors, showing customers that Popcornopolis’s popcorn can be a go-to product that’s high-quality—an everyday indulgence. It’s a change that entices customers to explore the variety of options and encourages them to add more products to their cart.  

A Streamlined and Simplified Sales Experience 

Transforming the PDPs started with restructuring the site’s inventory management to streamline sales forecasting. 

  • Before, Popcornopolis sold pre-bundled baskets, which included multiple products all tracked under a single SKU. 
  • After: Reorganizing Popcornopolis’s inventory created the ability to instead measure sales by individual product SKUs. Instead of tracking one bundle of 40 and one bundle of 60 as two units sold, it’s now possible to track 100 units sold, including the flavor and size specifications of each unit in variety packs.
  • The result was improved sales reporting: now, Popcornopolis can track individual units sold by flavor and by product. This data equips their team to streamline forecasting for production.
  • Improved communication around package quantities and bundling means that customers can see exactly what they’re purchasing at every step. It’s a more transparent and inclusive checkout process that also lends itself to precision reporting for Popcornopolis’s team. 
  • Simplified gifting with a multi-ship feature within the check out experience. 
Popcornopolis PDP Page
Crosslinking creates fresh opportunities to upsell and encourage additional purchases—a point of growth that makes it possible to navigate to the Create-Your-Own section and other flavors easily.

We then took the PDPs from plain and informative to creative, colorful, and story-driven. 

  • Before, a single product represented 6-40 products, and users were unable to see their custom flavor selections after adding them to the cart. 
  • After: An innovative new PDP image format now showcases the brand’s bundled products more accurately without requiring a full catalog reshoot—and because it corresponds to users’ purchases, the checkout experience is much clearer to navigate. 
  • User reviews and customization options are featured in the hero section, which streamlines and simplifies decision-making. 

Popcorn Made Personal 

Popcornopolis B&A CYO
Create Your Own (CYO) is Popcornopolis’s most popular offering. It’s a front-end bundler that allows users to select products first by size and quantity, and then to mix and match flavor combinations in order to build their own variety packs.
  • Create Your Own (CYO) is where customers personalize their purchases. It’s a great example of how a positive UX does more than meet customer needs—it encourages repeat business, improves conversion rates, and boosts customer satisfaction. 
  • We enhanced CYO with clearer visuals and built-in upselling features—including the option to add a certain number of popcorn cones for a discount—which massively simplifies the conversion pathway. We also connected those features to the larger refined unit-level inventory and sales tracking initiatives. 


Our content strategy, SEO, and design-forward changes resulted in improved search visibility.

increase in organic SERP appearance 
organic observable search impressions 
in onsite sales 
post-launch conversion rate

(as of Feb. 2024)


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