PPC advertising = integral part of your marketing efforts!

When it comes to Pay Per Click advertising we are always amazed at how much time is spent reviewing keywords, creating and comparing campaigns, A-B testing, researching, looking for opportunities and just constantly optimizing for improved results. It’s a never ending job that requires a passionate marketer. In fact there are only a few things that get online marketers more energized in the morning than figuring out ways to increase click through rate while lowering the cost per click! It’s a little crazy, but as with any other advertising you need to constantly monitor results to get the best bang for your buck. If you don’t diligently keep an eye on the metrics your PPC advertising effectiveness will quickly deteriorate.Having a dedicated resource to manage all your marketing efforts including PPC advertising is ideal. However, we know that with some small businesses owners are forced to wear many hats at once. Learning about how everything works will definitely take you some time. On the other hand, if you dedicate the required time it’s incredible how much additional value you can squeeze from your online advertising and dramatically improve your ROI. It’s also a big help to work closely with a professional web design company on creating original content. It’s incredible how fast an agency can take an idea, sketch out the concept and design the creatives for your advertising. Having a web design agency create all your creatives has terrific benefits. After five years of managing clients and the company’s advertising, we are still finding new ways to grow the Isadora Agency brand through effective PPC advertising!