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In early spring we received a call from a terrific education provider looking for handcrafted web design. The Marketing Director at Amity Teachers had been researching web design companies and after several weeks decided that Isadora Agency was the ideal fit for her company. Over the next couple weeks we learned a lot about the business. After the brainstorming session took place at Isadora Agency’s headquarters in Manhattan Beach, CA we knew we had a unique opportunity in our hands. Amity Corporation began as the children’s division of AEON Corporation founded in 1973. It very quickly grew as an industry leader providing high quality English education to children in Japan. In 1994, Amity began independent operations by opening its own branch schools and by creating its own curriculum. Today, Amity welcomes over 23,000 students to class each week at over 80 branch schools.

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The Amity schools are built with using modern and colorful design to attract young students and their families. Amity continually revises its curriculum, textbooks, and materials to ensure high standards for education are met. Native English teachers use a dynamic teaching methodology, which combines visual, audio, and kinesthetic principles to develop the students’ language skills. Teachers sing, dance and play educational activities in the classroom so that learning is fun!

With Amity Teachers we have an education provider that is truly dedicated to the success of students. They also understand that an incredible teaching staff is an enormous resource. Amity native English teachers not only help students learn the English language, but also encourage students to work hard to achieve their goals and dreams. We wanted the web design to reflect Amity’s values.

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The fact that the parent corporation was all the way in Japan was no problem whatsoever. We worked together to bring to life the Amity experience with a unique website. A vibrant color palette replaced what was once dull and lacking fun. We really wanted the new website to be eye-catching and to capture the youth in all of us. The focus here is all about the children and great photography allowed us to capture that nicely. The ID Illustration Package is one of our most popular add on services and really helped bring this website to life. In fact, almost every website page has some illustration flavor of one type or another. It definitely takes a bit of time to create all this from scratch but the final product is well worth it. The recruiting locations and city landscapes were all hand made by our Sr. website designer Isabel – she is just masterful when it comes to creating original illustration work and character design.

We also helped simplify Amity’s application process by allowing teacher’s to apply online via the new submission form. Making things super easy and convenient –  when it comes to contact forms and online applications is what it’s all about. The application form was simplified and made much easier and faster to complete. The data fields were made large and easy to read. The entire form takes under a minute to complete and submit.

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When the design and development was completed we knew we had something special. So it was not long before the website was submitted to various places for web design awards. The recognition alone was exciting as everyone who participated was quite proud. The handcrafted web design stands alone and those looking to teach in English in Japan will have no problems remembering where to find this unique website!


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