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There are several brand elements that can be used to create your brand but few are as critical as your business logo. Brand elements are those devices customers use to identify your company. They can include such things as a jingle, a slogan, a tagline, a url and of course your business logo. A great business logo can make all the difference in the world while a poor business logo will have you out of the branding race before you even get started! Such a symbol is much too important to have just any web designer create. And if you sacrifice quality in order to cut costs your customers will notice and it will impact their perception of your company. Your business logo should be distinctive and leave a lasting impression immediately. Business logos range from the very simple to the highly stylized. Some logos may contain artwork while others are all text based. Some may include custom typography such as calligraphy while others may have no text at all. Whatever the style make sure your web design company considers the 5 criteria below:

  • Distinctive (make sure your logo is unique)
  • Likable (you want customers to feel a positive affinity towards your logo)
  • Meaningful (your logo should stand for something)
  • Memorable (make sure your logo leaves a lasting impression and is easily recognizable)
  • Timeless ( a logo is not something you want to re-invent every few years)

Some of the most successful logos have been around for decades. In fact one of our favorite business logos ever belongs to Coca-Cola. Aside from the fact that the company is the biggest brand in the world, the Coca-Cola business logo is the most identifiable logo on the planet and has changed very little over the last 127 years (since 1887)!  It has truly stood the test of time and is an excellent example of a logo that has considered the 5 criteria. At Isadora Design our website designers apply a process that ensures all 5 criteria are carefully considered when handcrafting a business logo. From brainstorm, to sketch, to mockups, to the final product – Isadora Design has you covered.


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