An industry leader with the most comprehensive portfolios of imported wines and spirits. See how we developed powerful generators and sales tools to facilitate new B2B business.


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Palm Bay International

An industry leader with the most comprehensive portfolios of imported wines and spirits. See how we developed powerful generators and sales tools to facilitate new B2B business.


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Palm Bay International

An industry leader with the most comprehensive portfolios of imported wines and spirits. See how we developed powerful generators and sales tools to facilitate new B2B business.

Transforming the wine and spirits experience

Palm Bay International, a leading importer of fine wines and spirits, approached Isadora Agency to reinvent the company’s digital presence and how the sales team provides client value. Building on a strong reputation of trust and high-quality product offerings, Palm Bay needed a stunning user experience that also enabled a large sales team to educate distributors, restaurateurs, and end consumers. Our work went well beyond the web. Our digital agency enabled Palm Bay’s agents to generate custom-tailored sales sheets, shelf displays, and collections of tasting notes, personalized for each customer’s needs. The end result is a comprehensive digital transformation that includes a suite of tools to grow new business while solidifying Palm Bay’s position as an industry leader.

Palm Bay


Concept, Customer Journey, UX / UI, Web Design, Web Development, Mobile App Design, Database Configuration,  Cinemagraphs Animation, Multimedia Library, Drupal Development

PalmBay Grappa

The agency has a deep understanding of our brand & develops highly customized solutions

Brian Ariss Digital Media Manager, Palm Bay International


The wine and spirits market has grown to over $28 billion nationally in the last ten years alone, and Palm Bay now has the modern digital infrastructure necessary to accommodate domestic and international expansion. Devoting a tailored microsite to each producer helps highlight the wineries and distilleries that have partnered with Palm Bay. Enlightening consumers and retailers with geographic data, history, and full product lists from each producer encourages a fruitful and personal connection to individual brands. Heritage is an important distinction of the Palm Bay brand, so our team highlighted the generations of family experience. An engaging and interactive timeline helps establish credibility and historical significance. Our web designers utilized a navy and gold blend with calming neutrals to form a refined color palette that resonates with Palm Bay’s professional target audiences. Combined with oversized photography, cinemagraphs, sleek movement and interactive features, the result is a new level of sophistication.

PalmBay Generator 2 PalmBay Generator 1
PalmBay RussianRiver

Generating Impressive Results

Palm Bay’s sales force needed to be equipped with all new tools to drive new business and facilitate sales. Behind the scenes, we empowered the sales reps by providing access to a robust repository for all kinds of multimedia assets that can be added and saved to custom “collections” and shared privately or publicly. We worked with Palm Bay to develop a back-end library that feeds assets to several document generators, which output custom shelf talkers and technical sheets to educate prospective clients. Now employees have product and brand information that is always up to date and easy to access, makes the sales and presentation process effortless.

PalmBay Results 1 PalmBay Results 3
PalmBay Results 2
PalmBay Results 4 PalmBay Results 5

Heritage quality

The Palm Bay homepage conjures the beautiful atmospheres that wines are grown in. Large beautiful photos and a full-screen producer map provides a sense of place. Visitors can learn more about the family-owned business, and read producer reviews. Returning users can log in to access the resources they’ve saved from previous visits.

PalmBay Website Screenshot 1

Robust Search

A revamped Reviews & Awards page allows salespeople and retailers to filter Palm Bay’s offerings by type, price, geography, and more. Sales may also put together a customized portfolio of wines to offer customers. After saving their selections, users may easily download and print critics’ reviews and sales sheets for each variety.

PalmBay Website Screenshot 2

Detailed product pages

Product pages offer the casual user background information and tasting notes on each varietal. Sales representatives also have the ability to save, download, and print more technical detail, sales sheets, reviews, and producer brand assets.

PalmBay Website Screenshot 3

Info for Consumers

A consumer-facing blog portal allows Palm Bay to share serving suggestions and lifestyle content while boosting SEO related to partner producers and brands.

PalmBay Website Screenshot 4

Mobile Application

Showcasing Palm Bay’s impressive portfolio of brands, wines, and spirits was just the beginning. Our digital agency also developed a mobile application for iPad and Android devices that allows representatives to access information while offline, eliminating the need for printouts when pitching in areas without connectivity. Furthermore, all content can be updated once and published across the different web products, making website and mobile app maintenance fast and convenient. Our agency also enabled tens of thousands of product combinations while eliminating low-value administrator tasks.

Palm Bay Interactive Map

Mobile Approach

A sales pitch can take place anywhere, so we provided the sales team with the ability to capitalize on such opportunities with a professional mobile app. The new mobile application is an integral component of the B2B sales funnel. The strategic thinking behind the visual display allows representatives to easily present product variety and information to potential clientsThe mobile app automatically downloads content updates from the web server if connectivity is available; if not, important producer and product assets are still available offline. It’s part of the new sales ecosystem that gives Palm Bay the technology to push further ahead into markets worldwide.

PalmBay Mobile Screenshot 1e
PalmBay Mobile Screenshot 2
PalmBay Mobile Screenshot 3