Google AdWords is World Class Marketing

Google AdWords is World Class Marketing

If you have yet to consider Google AdWords for your business there has never been a better time to put this powerful online marketing tool to use. Did you know that people use Google to search for things such as products and services over 1 billion times a day? That’s over 41 million searches each hour – truly staggering figures. Try and imagine a better opportunity to get your product or service out in front of millions of potential customers instantly.

Yes you need to start with incredible business branding and amazing website design. But that alone will not secure a market leader position for your company. High quality branding and website design will give your business an incredible advantage, as most businesses are still operating with severely outdated websites. However, that alone is just the first important step. Marketing is the next important step, and when it comes to online marketing nothing delivers results like Google AdWords. For businesses looking to reach a wide demographic range of millions of consumers or businesses interested in purchasing products and services, Google AdWords is the way to do it. Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the factors that make this software such a success.

First we start with the platform. Having used dozens of tools and software programs it’s refreshing to see that Google’s software is so intuitive and easy to use. I mean afterall, what would you expect from corporate giant Google? Everything is neatly organized into four main categories. The navigation bar is intuitive and moving from one area to the next is a breeze. Creating reports and tracking results in real time could not be easier. From number of clicks each day, to CPC to editing your budget, the dashboard makes excellent use of space and provides you with all the information you need to make informative decisions.

Speaking of clicks, for experienced pay per click marketers this tool is a just joy to play with. Watching your daily adjustments to ads or adding new keywords to gradually improve overall effectiveness could not be more rewarding. The ability to add negative keywords to remove those unwanted clicks is super beneficial. The pay per click advertising model is our favorite and by far the most effective in the online advertising world. Pay per click really means that you are paying for results. What better way to put an advertising budget to excellent use than to only pay for results.

The use of specific long tail keywords and the ability to manage these keywords effortlessly is what keeps the Google AdWords engine running strong. Keywords are the critical ingredient and it’s what customers use to locate various businesses and find specific services. Well-written ads with high click through rates will undoubtedly point your customers in your direction while providing your business with a boost in the ad ranking. The ads are organized within campaigns and every detail can be monitored, tracked and edited within seconds. Pinpointing what target audiences or locations and determining when and where your ads will show up is completely within your control. Finally a tool that allows you to create highly targeted ads while paying only for the results your business determines is important!

While there are many more factors that make Google AdWords world-class we wanted to end on the premise of Search. For it’s within this premise that you will discover why Google AdWords should be a component of your online marketing strategies.  It’s one thing to create a cool ad and stick on a website or create a highly innovative print ad and place it in a magazine. These types of ads are nothing more than intrusive and even unwanted distractions. By this point we all know that consumers don’t want to be advertised to, especially when an ad is considered nothing more than a noisy distraction. Search on the other hand is entirely different. With search, you are capturing the consumer’s attention at that very moment when they are most likely to purchase. It’s at that very moment that their interest level is high and their mindset ideal, meaning they are thinking about your service, wanting to learn more and considering making a purchase. It’s this searching with intent that businesses want to be capturing. As a business I want to be competing for your attention at the moment that impulse hits you and you become ready to purchase. And not when you are browsing through your Facebook messages with zero intention to do anything other than chat with friends. The brilliance behind Google AdWords isn’t so much the tool itself, but simply that search advertising is more powerful than regular advertising. Master capturing your customer’s attention at the exact moment they want to buy and watch how you’ll gradually leave the competition far behind, in the dust.