Hiring A Drupal Development Company

When considering a Content Management System (CMS) or even a Drupal development company, a professional must understand the strengths of the platform. Each CMS has unique attributes. These attributes aid in administrative tasks and even future web development. There are so many different CMS platforms to choose from. There is an option out there for every business need.

Between popular CMS solutions such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Demandware, and Drupal, finding the right CMS can be challenging. At Isadora Agency, we have used all of the above and we are technology agnostic when it comes to a CMS. However, having developed world-class Drupal websites, we are recognized as an experienced Drupal development company. So, let’s take a moment to discuss the benefits of developing with Drupal.

Therefore, why would a well-established brand want to choose Drupal as the preferred CMS solution for a business website? Our agency has worked with plenty of market leaders. These companies find Drupal’s vast development abilities very appealing. Drupal’s beautiful blend of development complexity and simplicity makes it an exciting solution.

So, why should you think about Drupal as your company’s CMS?


Why Drupal development?

For starters, forget Dunkin’ Donuts — America runs on Drupal! Around 2 million websites have been built using Drupal — the majority of those based in the United States. Names like General Electric, eBay, Red HatTimex, and Tesla all leverage Drupal to power robust business websites and service a massive customer base.

Luckily, that’s one of the things that Drupal does best. It enables businesses, agencies, and non-profits with a great toolbox of development resources. Not only does Drupal have thousands of accessibility features, modules, and speed, but plenty of customization. It also gives brands that require advanced development exactly what is needed to complete the job.

Let’s look at some of the core features that make Drupal a powerful CMS.

1. Security

First, Cyber breaches are the fastest-growing type of crime in the United States. That can be terrifying for businesses! The average cost of a breach sits at around $3.16 million. That figure also doesn’t include unknown variables like reputation damage. So, security should be a main concern when it comes to your company’s CMS.

Drupal is also a security powerhouse. For example, it has the best-of-breed security experts. Drupal also has several security posture modules (like Drupal Sentry), and an incredible community. Drupal’s mature solution is highly appealing from a security perspective.

2. Scalability

Second, we all want a website that will scale. After all, a brand’s top goal is simple: growth. So, you need a CMS that will scale and evolve with your brand. Luckily, you can keep Drupal at the top of your list with regard to scalability. Just a few examples of this scalability: Blazy module provides lazy loading on images to reduce bandwidth. PHP modules can help minimize load times and server stress. Also, horizontal and vertical scaling gives your brand the breathing room to expand at will.

3. Ease-of-use

Third, our businesses naturally have numerous moving parts. Your CMS must work for everyone, including marketing, sales, and administrators — not just your IT team. One of the best components of Drupal’s framework is its ease of use. All of your content management needs achieved via a simple WYSIWYG editor. The WYSIWYG lets you plug images or hyperlinks into text instantly with the push of a button. Plus, the thousands of rich templates and Drupal modules make content customization a breeze.

Additionally, like most CMSes, you’ll need to hire a professional Drupal development company. There are hundreds of man-hours needed to develop an enterprise website. However, these efforts are offset by the result; an incredibly powerful Drupal platform.

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4. Back-end functionality

The open-source nature of Drupal makes deep customization possible for developers. For brands that don’t have in-house web developers, your Drupal development team will help you with all back-end functionalities. Each feature of a website can be refined to deliver the exact results to meet business needs. Plus, there are thousands of rich modules that have been tried-and-tested by the community. These modules offer value beyond the base Drupal download.

Moreover, here are a few examples of Drupal modules that can completely transform your website.

5. Front-end features

Of course, it’s not all about the engine build. The dashboard should be well structured, organized, and user-friendly as well. Drupal has features that can give you a personalized panel. Flexible layouts help non-technical users organize content effectively. Search modules (like Apache Solr) can give your site the speed it needs when delving through libraries of content.

The UI/UX should be tailored for an on-brand experience. Therefore, your Drupal development company should be able to utilize that flexibility to build a truly custom website that perfectly captures your brand.

Want to see how beautiful Drupal can be? Check out our Case Studies.

6. Powerful development capacity

Also, Drupal’s powerhouse development capabilities make it the perfect solution for almost any brand. With an array of functionality to the Drupal Core, brands will undoubtedly have room to tweak Drupal extensively.

Next, mix-and-match modules, custom templates, and constant access to the source code make Drupal incredibly custom-friendly. The maturity of the platform coupled with the security features makes that open-source nature a pro instead of a risk.

7. Seamless integrations

Finally, Drupal has incredible flexibility for integrations. You can connect with established APIs or create your own. You can also integrate with all of the critical components of your tech stack like Salesforce and HubSpot. This includes payment integrations and even OAuth integration for single sign-on.

In other words, Drupal can handle your tech stack. It can also give you rich features and simple integrations.

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Win with Drupal development

Are you looking for a Drupal development company that understands your brand?

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