Amazing Website Design = Marketing Success!

Does amazing website design really make a difference in the eyes of consumers? Ever wonder how much impact a professional website design will have on your business? A recent survey from the last quarter of 2012 shows that when 250 marketers from US based companies were asked what specific activities contributed to marketing success guess what they answered? Drum roll please….. WEBSITE DESIGN!

Pine Animal Hospital Business Website Design
A professional yet creative website designed by Isadora Design for Pine Animal Hospital in Long Beach Ca

Yes – that’s right folks – the #1 factor that these businesses said contributed to marketing success was the professional design and development of a business website. Digital and online advertising came in at a very close 2nd place and marketing on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter came in 3rd. Can you believe it? More important than even online advertising is your company’s website design and development or where your potential customers experience your online store front! Does this play into why we think every business should hire a professional web design company – you betcha!

With the explosion of the internet and mobile your business website design has never been more important. For example, online shoppers surveyed by consultancy Capgemini  rated websites as the most important digital channel at every stage of the purchase process. But regardless what your marketing mix looks like great website design is now an integral component for any business.

Methodology:  Data is from the March 2013 Gartner “US Digital Marketing Spending Report 2013.” 250 marketers from US-based companies, with more than $500 million in annual revenues, across six industries were surveyed during November-December 2012.

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