The Honest Company partnered with Isadora Agency to enhance its e-commerce product lines and subscription program. Providing parents with clear options and ease of use created an accommodating, values-friendly experience that improved customer engagement and retention.

The Honest Company

The Honest Company partnered with Isadora Agency to enhance its e-commerce product lines and subscription program. Providing parents with clear options and ease of use created an accommodating, values-friendly experience that improved customer engagement and retention.

Tilton School

An empowering, exploratory learning environment brought to life online. Isadora Agency partnered with New Hampshire-based Tilton School to build the student community with a fresh, dynamic digital viewbook.


Ecommerce website design for Popcornopolis brings high-quality, nostalgic flavors of popcorn to modern families on the go. A fast-growing leader in the CPG space, Popcornopolis needed its eCommerce website to keep up with increasing demand from devoted fans for tasty gourmet snacks, gift sets, and holiday assortments.

Hilco Global

Hilco Global, a financial services company with 20 subsidiary operating companies, excels at asset valuation and in maximizing financial returns. Isadora Agency supported Hilco through a digital transformation, resulting in a new, refined website and dynamic brand presence.


Isadora Agency recently worked with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). An educational nonprofit dedicated to craft professionals’ career development; NCCER needed to transform their brand. We achieved that goal by creating a powerful website design and visual identity to match.

Brookfield Residential

Leading home builder and land developer Brookfield Residential partnered with Isadora Agency for ongoing user experience design to enhance the brand's website and marketing tools. In addition to an improved user experience design, we created new visuals to display their beautiful communities.

The Honest Company

The Honest Company partnered with Isadora Agency, a premier eCommerce web design agency, for facilitating the brand's online sales of baby and beauty products. The new aesthetic is a blend of utility and minimalism. See how we incorporated innovative features and design elements that enhance all beauty and baby products.


Isadora Agency, a custom web design agency partnered with TravelStore, one of the top-rated travel management companies in America, to create a seamless website experience for travel connoisseurs. TravelStore crafts unique itineraries for vacationers looking to travel in style and personalizes superior corporate travel programs for a sophisticated clientele.

Texas State Technical College

Information architecture services were one of the numerous service categories our agency focused on for Texas State Technical College (TSTC). Above all this was to help Texas meet the high-tech challenges of today’s global economy. Learn how our team took an informational clearinghouse and transformed it into an effective student-focused marketing platform.


The world’s global leader in live entertainment. You can just imagine our digital agency’s enthusiasm when Live Nation tasked us with creating an interactive website design & marketing campaign. Live Nation’s summer concerts were about to get personal and sharable via millions of fans across social media.


In short, Sunbit is a financial technology brand that required a web design company with deep expertise in creating various web products and dashboard design. Therefore, the brand’s growth gave our teams an opportunity to revitalize and create all-new modern marketing and mobile app tools.


Could employers dramatically enhance employee financial wellness through a feature-rich mobile app design?  Discover how our agency's comprehensive design solved this Fintech challenge through highly interactive tools and a sticky experience essential for frequent user engagement.

Kelley Blue Book

A household name since 1918, Kelley Blue Book, needed to attract modern customers and younger audiences. KBB was looking for a fresh new experience that targets a generation of savvy, online car shoppers while remaining approachable to legacy users.

Razor USA

Razor is a leading personal transportation brand;  it brought scooters out of the attic and put them on sidewalks across America. When Razor needed to up their sales game, they approached us for eCommerce website design and development. We gave this iconic youth brand a hip upgrade that inspired a whole new audience to want to take Razor for a spin.

News Corp

  Webby Badge V2 News Corp is home to some of the world’s most trusted brands, including Dow Jones, Harper Collins, and the New York Post. Isadora Agency’s expertise as a web development company allowed our team to build News Corp an internal benefits website that changed their employees’ views on benefits in a creative, refreshing way.

Barnum by Mass Mutual

Barnum Financial Group is an award-winning network of independent financial planning and wealth management advisors. As an experienced B2B website design agency our user experience team cracked the formula for uniting independent advisors under a single digital destination for financial and wealth management, increasing adoption and conversion nationwide.

UE by Logitech

We’re all made to love music. Professional website design agency, Isadora Agency partners with Ultimate Ears to create a rich and interactive experience, you can almost touch it.

Belkin Business

Most importantly, guiding the way partners and staff perceive and engage with the brand design. On the other hand, aligning business and consumer verticals, highlighting differentiators, and reclaiming leadership.

Palm Bay International

An industry leader with the most comprehensive portfolios of imported wines and spirits. See how we developed powerful generators and sales tools to facilitate new B2B business.


PowerSchool is improving the K-12 educational experience with over 100 Million users in 70 countries. Learn how our digital agency empowered users while giving the brand a powerful interactive web product.

Martinkovic Milford

A brand that pushes boundaries through forward-thinking architecture. Learn about how we inspired both B2B and B2C prospects while increasing qualified lead generation.


Most Importantly, Virco has supplied quality furniture for America's K-12 schools since 1950. Therefore, discover how our digital agency achieved a beautiful balance of robust client utility and brand positioning alignment in this custom web design.

Report by Steve Madden

A revolutionizing eCommerce shopping platform for one of the most iconic brands in footwear, sold in over 80 countries worldwide. See how our team developed a robust social and interactive experience targeted at female millennials.

Beast Academy

Providing a comprehensive curriculum that is both rigorous and wildly entertaining. Learn how our collaboration with Beast Academy took critical reasoning and advanced problem solving to all new levels.

The Honest Company

The Honest Company partnered with Isadora Agency to enhance its e-commerce product lines and subscription program. Providing parents with clear options and ease of use created an accommodating, values-friendly experience that improved customer engagement and retention.
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The Honest Company is dedicated to providing eco-friendly, sustainable products to parents seeking a wellness-focused lifestyle. Isadora Agency built upon an already-established partnership with Honest to streamline its diaper subscription service, making it easier for customers to stay stocked up on baby basics. Our team cultivated a mindful, personalized experience to introduce users to The Honest Company’s diaper and wipe subscriptions, driving sign-ups while reducing cancellations and cart abandonments.


UI/UX Design, UX Strategy, User Testing

Results and Success

This collaboration meets its business objectives of boosting new subscriptions, increasing average order value (AOV), and reducing customer cancellations.

User testing validated the new subscription product design. The landing page has shown a nearly 25% increase in Get Started clicks, and a 75% reduction in its exit/bounce rate. Within the diaper bundle builder, there has been an overall increase in visit frequency and in AOV each month. The retention rate for the subscription service has performed impressively, with a 60% increase after the initial seven months of implementation.

“I love seeing the photos of the real children playing - I can picture my own son playing with the packaging. It's very relatable and connects to my own experience as a father.”
Kwesi, Father of One
User Test Participant
Website01 (1) (1)
Diaper Bundle Builder Landing Page

The Honest Company wanted to give its customers more in-depth information on the benefits of its diaper and wipe subscriptions, as well as better access to its subscription service overall. Isadora Agency’s solution was a streamlined landing page for the Honest Company’s subscription bundle builder — one that could seamlessly integrate powerful storytelling with product highlights, and build a strong emotional connection with users. While a landing page already existed for this product, it was not a strategic part of the user’s shopping journey in this way. Bringing these elements together would more directly captivate users, and lead them into the conversion funnel.

“The benefits of a subscription really appeals to me. My current diapers don't offer a service like this. I like being in control of the sizes and frequency through this experience.”
Karan, Father of One
User Test Participant

We used the entry page as onboarding to a full journey, emphasizing the extensive benefits of The Honest Company’s subscriptions — not just the degree of options, but also the financial incentives, including overall savings, lack of hidden fees, and free delivery and returns. By building these into the first touchpoint, The Honest Company was able to educate parents, appeal more directly to their needs, and build stronger user trust.


This landing page also has an enhanced sense of social proof, with testimonials from real parents’ social media posts. Sharing these authentic stories and photos gives users the chance to see and experience the value of The Honest Company’s products, and strengthen or start their own relationships with the brand.

Fast Flow im3
Diaper Bundle Builder Experience

Users needed to be able to select their subscription choices and make a purchase quickly. Revamping the diaper bundle builder was a smart strategic move to increase subscribers.

The Honest Company’s original bundle builder was fairly rudimentary; it was not possible to order more than one size, select between different diaper types, or add multiple diaper types. By updating the bundle builder’s capabilities, our team gave it the capacity to offer and sell even more options and combinations. Users can now easily select sizes, split sizes, and choose different patterns for different sizes. They can select between or add a combination of diapers, overnights, and training pants, encouraging parents to continue subscribing as their children age up and their family grows.

Fast Flow im1
Fast Flow im2
Fast Flow im3 (1)

Our team designed the new diaper bundle builder in a way that would reduce cart abandonment rates and keep users engaged at multiple points in the flow. It includes a clear progress bar that shows where users are in the selection process, and lets them go back and make changes as needed. Users can choose the frequency of diaper delivery, and clearly understand their selections through a highly detailed summary section. This is equally helpful and satisfying to customers and to The Honest Company’s internal operations: it encourages continued user engagement and reduces calls to The Honest Company’s customer service. These options demonstrate the brand’s value of parents’ time, while expediting user decision-making, which is ideal for acquiring first-time subscribers.

This experience is far more capable of accommodating parents, growing with their families, and encouraging retention and loyalty to The Honest Company’s brand and products. The benefits, especially higher subscriber adoption rates, are significant for The Honest Company’s business and brand. Including add-on purchases as an option increased average order value; highlighting prints, especially limited edition prints, created a sense of urgency while encouraging more engagement with the brand.

Mobile Diaper Subscription Screens
Fast Flow im5 (1)
Print and Pattern Options

The Honest Company’s prints are a standout component of the diaper bundle builder. Because the brand is known for its patterns and prints, showcasing them was a particularly meaningful decision. Before, the prints were more secondary, and displayed only through thumbnails that were small and difficult to see. Isadora Agency’s user research and conversations with The Honest Company stakeholders brought to light just how significant the prints are to users’ decision making. Now, they are a focal point in the diaper bundle builder flow.

The patterns’ boldness has a tangible effect on increasing visual engagement, and reduces the amount of copy needed to explain users’ options. It’s fitting for the brand to display these pattern options, by showing users they can have a product that’s both attractive and eco-friendly. Making these prints more prominent also integrates an element of personalization that leads to a more enjoyable experience and ties in with the flow’s social media assets. People can share their ecommerce product shopping experiences while drawing attention to these fun designs, suggesting a product that’s a perfect fit for photo-ready moments.

Board 05 08
Subscription Management

An improved subscription management tool gives users more options for e-commerce product shopping and accommodates parents as their children age up from newborns to babies to toddlers. Our team developed a post-purchase model that perpetuated the bundle builder’s ease of use. Its design was guided by testing that suggested users wanted to make edits more quickly, easily, and intuitively.

Subscription im01 (1)

Users now have the ability to log into their accounts to review their diaper selections and make changes. They can select backup prints in case their preferences are not immediately available, which keeps orders from being delayed. There are now extensive options when it comes to editing bundles: changing sizes, swapping prints, ordering discounted add-on products, accessing exclusive offers, and updating delivery frequency. Any of these changes can be made in just a few clicks, without editing the entire subscription. Additionally, users can opt in for alerts on overnight diaper shipments — which they can then add to their carts with a single click. Helpfully, this editing flow mirrors the subscription flow, which creates a sense of familiarity for users. It benefits The Honest Company’s business through reduced calls to customer service, more satisfied customers as a whole, and sustained customer retention.


The remarkable results of integrating the landing page, bundle builder, and subscription management tools speak to the practicality and effectiveness of their design. It’s a strategic, user-first approach that’s authentic to The Honest Company brand, and valuable to its business needs as well as its users. These revitalized products promise to consistently amplify The Honest Company brand while increasing subscriber numbers and AOVs over time.

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