Outward Hound has cultivated a loyal customer following for pet lovers everywhere. Learn how our specialists employed advanced conversion tactics for the brand’s robust new eCommerce solution.

The Honest Company

The Honest Company partnered with Isadora Agency, the best eCommerce web design agency, for purchasing baby and beauty products online. The new aesthetics is a blend of utility and minimalism. See how we incorporated innovative features and design elements that enhance all beauty and baby products.

Texas State Technical College

Information architecture services were one of the numerous service categories our agency focused on for Texas State Technical College (TSTC). Above all this was to help Texas meet the high-tech challenges of today’s global economy. Learn how our team took an informational clearinghouse and transformed it into an effective student-focused marketing platform.


The world’s global leader in live entertainment. You can just imagine our digital agency’s enthusiasm when Live Nation tasked us with creating an interactive website design & marketing campaign. Live Nation’s summer concerts were about to get personal and sharable via millions of fans across social media.


In short, Sunbit is a financial technology brand that required a web design company with deep expertise in creating various web products and dashboard design. Therefore, the brand’s growth gave our teams an opportunity to revitalize and create all-new modern marketing and mobile app tools.


Could employers dramatically enhance employee financial wellness through a feature-rich mobile app design?  Discover how our agency's comprehensive design solved this Fintech challenge through highly interactive tools and a sticky experience essential for frequent user engagement.

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book approached our digital agency for UI/UX design and a modern look and feel across various websites. Numerous web products had been gradually pieced together over decades and lacked consistency. This popular car valuation brand also required a focus on conversion. As a result, our team designed a UX design system for speed and scalability!

Razor USA

Ecommerce website development to drive online sales was the main goal. We gave an iconic youth brand a hip upgrade that inspired a whole new audience to want to take Razor's products for a spin.

News Corp

In short, News Corp required enterprise web development to create a first-of-its-kind benefits hub that shows benefits for each stage of an employee's life. As a result, our specialists created a digital transformational and user experience that makes benefits fun and easy to engage with.

Barnum by Mass Mutual

Barnum Financial Group is an award-winning network of independent financial planning and wealth management advisors. As an experienced B2B website design agency our user experience team cracked the formula for uniting independent advisors under a single digital destination for financial and wealth management, increasing adoption and conversion nationwide.

UE by Logitech

We’re all made to love music. Professional website design agency, Isadora Agency partners with Ultimate Ears to create a rich and interactive experience, you can almost touch it.

The Marvin Group

We built an integrated digital experience and crafted an aviation website design that streamlines the navigation, showcases product innovation, and reaffirms a commitment to long-term customer satisfaction.

Belkin Business

Guiding the way partners and staff perceive and engage with the brand by aligning business and consumer verticals, highlighting differentiators and reclaiming leadership.

Palm Bay International

An industry leader with the most comprehensive portfolios of imported wines and spirits. See how we developed powerful generators and sales tools to facilitate new B2B business.


PowerSchool is improving the K-12 educational experience with over 100 Million users in 70 countries. Learn how our digital agency empowered users while giving the brand a powerful interactive web product.

Martinkovic Milford

A brand that pushes boundaries through forward-thinking architecture. Learn about how we inspired both B2B and B2C prospects while increasing qualified lead generation.


Most Importantly, Virco has supplied quality furniture for America's K-12 schools since 1950. Therefore, discover how our digital agency achieved a beautiful balance of robust client utility and brand positioning alignment in this custom web design.

Report by Steve Madden

A revolutionizing eCommerce shopping platform for one of the most iconic brands in footwear, sold in over 80 countries worldwide. See how our team developed a robust social and interactive experience targeted at female millennials.

Beast Academy

Providing a comprehensive curriculum that is both rigorous and wildly entertaining. Learn how our collaboration with Beast Academy took critical reasoning and advanced problem solving to all new levels.

Outward Hound

Outward Hound has cultivated a loyal customer following for pet lovers everywhere. Learn how our specialists employed advanced conversion tactics for the brand's robust new eCommerce solution.


Outward Hound

Outward Hound has cultivated a loyal customer following for pet lovers everywhere. Learn how our specialists employed advanced conversion tactics for the brand's robust new eCommerce solution.


Outward Hound designs and manufactures award-winning dog toys and gear so people can enjoy fun, healthy, memorable moments with man’s best friend. The key challenge for these product design experts was twofold. First, with a growing product portfolio, customers were still learning about the brand for the first time. Secondly, interested consumers were often uncertain about what products were best suited for their unique companion. By crafting an eCommerce experience that responds to user input, we made sure customers would be able explore all of Outward Hound’s innovative products up close and tailor searches to their dogs’ unique personality.

Love Dogs

Concept, UX/UI, Conversion Funnel, Web Design & Development, Magento eCommerce,  CMS Workflows


increased conversion



Since Outward Hound serves customers who love to spoil their furry friends, we crafted a user flow both that is both easy and enjoyable. A feature-rich and super-compact cart page allows users to calculate shipping, apply promo codes, and easily add products to a wish list. Customers reach a single-page checkout in just two clicks from the homepage.

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Wanted to thank your team for the incredible work, patience and understanding for the website you handcrafted

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Michael Parness CMO, Outward Hound

Design Thinking

The Outward Hound Pawsonality Quiz lets each user tailor the website experience to fit their own canine companion. We also concepted an interactive smart search that provides a curated list of products based on your dog’s size, age and personality traits.

oh-inspiration-image-01 oh-inspiration-image-02

Improving the lives of pet parents

The user experience inspires users to discover the possibilities. Non-traditional layouts, crisp close-ups and floating product collections all emphasize the award-winning products that keep life with your dog healthier and happier.


Tugging at your heartstrings

Energy rich photography and custom videos of dogs playing with actual products eliminate uncertainty and connect with customers on a deeper level. This facilitates an emotional attachment to the brand and drives repeat purchase.


Customers & retailers in harmony

Big box retailers looking to buy in bulk have access to a special behind-the-scenes area of the website to find tiered pricing based on quantity. Super fans can now purchase branded gift cards for friends and family.


Personalized shopping

Every touch point on the website, from the smart search on the home page to the over sized products on the product page, was designed to engage and drive conversion. This new marketing tool has given Outward Hound a better way to communicate customer value and positions the brand for enormous growth.



The new web product has also made it a breeze to capture e-mail subscribers. This in turn drives more traffic to the website, supplements content marketing and drives online purchases.

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Michael Parness CMO, Outward Hound

Mobile Focused

Outward Hound’s core audience is active and enjoys spending time outdoors. So the new web product was developed to be responsive and we spent extra time on the mobile experience to better serve customers on the go. We made it easier for customers to get what they want as products are boldly showcased prominently.

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