Ecommerce website development to drive online sales was the main goal. We gave an iconic youth brand a hip upgrade that inspired a whole new audience to want to take Razor‘s products for a spin.

Razor USA - Engaging eCommerce website development
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Razor USA - Engaging eCommerce website development
Inspiring a new audience with an eCommerce mobile first approach that includes advanced shopping features that enable price & product comparisons, while direct sales support to increase online purchases
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Isadora Agency
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Razor USA

Ecommerce website development to drive online sales was the main goal. We gave an iconic youth brand a hip upgrade that inspired a whole new audience to want to take Razor's products for a spin.

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Razor USA

Ecommerce website development to drive online sales was the main goal. We gave an iconic youth brand a hip upgrade that inspired a whole new audience to want to take Razor's products for a spin.

Website Ecommerce Development Overview

In short, Razor is the leading personal transportation brand that got scooters out of the basement! In other words, they put scooters onto every sidewalk in America. However, many brands tried to join the marketplace. Therefore, Razor found it hard to find its value while exposing the growing range of products. For example, they did not have a full catalog to drive sales. Therefore, users had no reason to visit the site or have repurchase loyalty.

Razor USA


Market Research, UX/UI, Motion Graphics, Mobile First Web Design & Development, API Integration, eCommerce website development, CMS Configuration


Sales Performance


Most importantly, they hit on everything we wanted! Therefore, I recommend them wholeheartedly.

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Danny Simon COO, Razor USA


Firstly, our mobile ecommerce website development created a sales platform that had advanced shopping features. In addition, it shows price and product comparisons, while sales support completed confident purchases. In conclusion, a revamped, TV platform immerses fans in their fave riding styles. For instance, user videos add a layer of community to the visual and visceral aesthetic.

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ID CS Razor Strategy05


Most importantly, Razor already had tons of brand recognition! However, the brand’s online presence was flat and messy. As a result, a fresh, colorful vibe and a focus on dynamic motion lent the brand’s official site some needed street cred. So, by developing a function that enables visitors to easily explore each product in more detail. In addition, we added social-friendly features and built a 3rd party retailer pricing tool. In conclusion, users could now check out the hottest products where they shop.

ID_CS_Razor_Inspiration01 ID_CS_Razor_Inspiration03
ID_CS_Razor_Inspiration04 ID_CS_Razor_Inspiration05

Youthful design isn’t just child’s play

That is to say, we upped the cool factor of Razor! For example, we created a hip, colorful look that’s built to grab kids’ attention while assuring parents it’s a smart choice. In addition, playful, hand-drawn elements were added, giving a modern and cohesive look.


Razor TV

In short, new shopping features enable on-site price and product comparisons. Meanwhile, sales support helps users complete their purchases with confidence.


Razor Share

However, there was a sudden surge of scooter rentals! Therefore, the most trusted brand had to get in the game. As a result, we worked with them to launch the Razor Share website in record time! Meanwhile, creating a mature look that was in line with the brand.

ID CS Razor Website04

Razor TV

In short, we revamped the brand’s video presence by developing Razor TV.  In conclusion, it was a distinct video hub made to draw traffic from YouTube. Meanwhile, users would spend their time on  For example, it had curated playlists and category based navigation so visitors could quickly find videos they love. As a result, social sharing is a breeze! In other words, the tool lets fans upload their own videos. As a result, they can share moves with their Razor friends. Most importantly, spreading the Razor name!

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Increase awareness and enjoyment

Most importantly, the new bespoke e-commerce development enables Razor to control every aspect of its sales and marketing. In addition, product faq’s, tutorials, and self-service support tools reduce the need of customer service. Meanwhile, awareness and enjoyment of all products grew. As a result, we have continued to enhance the site after the launch with analytics reviews, a/b testing, and web adds.