Barnum by Mass Mutual

Barnum Financial Group is an award-winning network of independent financial planning and wealth management advisors. We cracked the formula for uniting independent advisors under a single digital destination for financial and wealth management, increasing adoption and conversion nationwide.

Razor USA

We gave an iconic youth brand a hip lifestyle upgrade that inspired a whole new audience to want to take Razor's products for a spin.

News Corp

A first of its kind benefits hub that highlights benefits for each stage of an employee's life. See how we created a transformational experience that makes benefits tailored and easily consumable.

Martinkovic Milford

A brand that pushes boundaries through forward-thinking architecture. Learn about how we inspired both B2B and B2C prospects while increasing qualified lead generation.

UE by Logitech

We’re all made to love music. See how we partnered with Ultimate Ears to create a rich and interactive experience, you can almost touch it.


PowerSchool is improving the K-12 educational experience with over 100 Million users in 70 countries. Learn how our digital agency empowered users while giving the brand a powerful interactive web product.


Since 1950 Virco has supplied quality furniture for America's K-12 schools. Discover how our digital agency achieved a beautiful balance of robust client utility and brand positioning alignment.

Report by Steve Madden

A revolutionizing eCommerce shopping platform for one of the most iconic brands in footwear, sold in over 80 countries worldwide. See how our team developed a robust social and interactive experience targeted at female millennials.

Beast Academy

Providing a comprehensive curriculum that is both rigorous and wildly entertaining. Learn how our collaboration with Beast Academy took critical reasoning and advanced problem solving to all new levels.

Outward Hound

Outward Hound has cultivated a loyal customer following for pet lovers everywhere. Learn how our specialists employed advanced conversion tactics for the brand's robust new eCommerce solution.


Beast Academy

Providing a comprehensive curriculum that is both rigorous and wildly entertaining. Learn how our collaboration with Beast Academy took critical reasoning and advanced problem solving to all new levels.


Beast Academy is an industry leader in advanced elementary school curriculum. They reached out to Isadora Agency with the goal of translating printed textbooks into a digital educational playground that captivated an elite student demographic. We began our work by crafting a refreshed brand identity to reflect the fun and unexpected nature of the brand.


Increased Game
Usage Time


It was incredible to concept a gaming experience that stimulates students visually and mentally.

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Isadora Marlow-Morgan President, Isadora Agency


Behind the creative web and app design lies months of strategic collaboration. By identifying emerging trends in online gaming and online education we set out to merge the two. We mapped the student and parent journies though the app creating a sticky experience with immediate feedback on actions and highlighting accomplishments.

Concept, User Journey, UX / UI, Web Design, Game Design, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Web Product, Mobile App

ba-strategy-image-01 ba-strategy-image-02

Credible yet whimsical

Through the parental view users can see progress, identity areas of improvement, set goals and receive regular notifications. We have equipped both parents and students with the tools to facilitate e-learning in the digital arena, that is both measurable and actionable.

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Gamification of Math Lessons

While students are visual learners, parents are looking for the rigorous math lessons, customer value and the approach behind the curriculum. Essential player statistics, aggressive curriculum, and the brand’s innovative approach to challenging students were the tactics utilized to engage parents in the e-learning app.


Targeted User Journeys

We identified and targeted the different key user groups and created customer-centric experiences. The mobile app is focused on engaging the student to learn, while the web product speaks directly to parents.  The user journey and conversion points were meticulously planned out for the web product and mobile application.


Driving conversion and upsells

With our attention on the user experience and interactivity, we worked with Beast Academy to concept a mobile app and web experience that brings the comic-book style textbooks to life while driving parents to purchase. Quick checkouts with free trials and textbook upsells were also combined to improve cart totals.

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