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Do the research.
Reap the rewards.

Analyzing your brand and your competition can help bridge the gap between just having a good-looking website and having a highly effective marketing tool. Learn to distinguish your brand by studying its surroundings:


#Market Trends

Ultimate Ears is in a growth industry and researched wireless speaker trends to identify untapped opportunities in the marketplace.


#Substitute Products

Outward Hound created a comparison sheet for their dog toy features vs. competitors in order to provide customers with more innovative products.


#Top Competitors

Report Signature tracked comparable shoe brands to better understand available options and establish a competitive edge


#Digital Trends

Bernstein Display ensured B2B clients would immediately be captivated by incorporating terrific product selection with cutting edge web animation and HTML5 movement.

Keep purpose in mind

Define exactly what you want your website to do. Know precisely what it means to have met those goals, whether it’s in a month’s time or a year. Keeping your team focused on achieving specific, measurable, and time-bound results means you can track every stage of your brand’s performance and growth.

Brand:UE Boom

Goal:Product education

  • Objective A Increase product page duration
  • Objective B Increase clicks to store
  • Objective C Improve user experience


Goal:Higher qualified leads

  • Objective A Drive visitors through the conversion funnel
  • Objective B Filter unqualified form submissions
  • Objective C Increase portfolio review duration


Goal:Strong brand positioning

  • Objective A Tell the brand story
  • Objective B Showcase customization services
  • Objective C Organize B2B product catalogue

Your customers are searching for you

Your customers are out there, it’s your job to make the connection. Get to know your customers, where they are, what they want, and how they consume information.

Interest 1 Active on social media
Interest 2 A frequent online shopper
Primary digital device iPhone
Name Sofia Vega About Millennial,
Living in Paris
Age 28
photo photo photo

Tailor to your audience

Your business website must be tailored to your specific target audience or you risk losing both relevancy and customer interest. Know what your audience really wants and how they prefer to interact online.

Craft and build

You've done all the important leg work and now it’s time to apply all that brand knowledge into your website. Through strategic implementation, compelling visual design and seamless development you transform your business website into a powerful marketing tool.

and sketch
with purpose

Evolve like never before

Your website, much like your business, should evolve and adapt to customers’ needs. A full-time website manager should be reviewing the analytics, tracking the data and coming up with ongoing suggestions to better serve customers and drive results.

There is always room for improvement and those that work diligently will continue to drive incremental improvements across various KPI’s

  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • Avg
brand video
Updated page


Performance points vary based on website objectives, determine the right ones for your brand.

  • 1. Session duration Track value of page content
  • 2. Pages per session Improve content cross promotion
  • 3. Conversion Monitor CTA effectiveness
  • See the

    Our digital agency helps brands blend data-driven strategies and web best practices that drive ongoing results

  • brand

    BRAND: Report Signature

    Project: Reinvented the way products are browsed and displayed in a digitally native manner, with a full website relaunch.

    Updated brand aesthetic
    Fan interaction
    Intuitive retail experience

    • Duration 1.9 min (on avg)
    • pages per session 3.3 (on avg)
    • Conversion rate 3.3% (on avg)
    • ROI High
  • brand

    BRAND: Outward Hound

    Project: Personalized shopping experience that solved the challenge of not knowing what products is right for your pet

    Interactive video
    Personalized product selection
    Product organization

    • Duration 2.8 min (on avg)
    • Pages per session 4.0 (on avg)
    • Conversion rate 4.2% (on avg)
    • ROI High
  • brand

    BRAND: Bernstein Display

    Project: Captivated wholesale clients with interactivity, html5 animation and an intuitive online catalog

    Animated brand story
    Interactive game
    HTML5 animation

    • duration 3.2 min (on avg)
    • pages per session 3.1 (on avg)
    • Conversion rate 2.2% (on avg)
    • ROI High
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